An Understanding To Pass Line Bets In Craps

Game of Craps

Prior to an understanding, the craps pass line bet. We must understand about the casino game of Craps. It is one of the most difficult casino games. It has ample of options, odds and bets. All craps tables are alike. Except for the basic differences of colors and numbers. Even so, there are some casinos that have slight changes in their rules. However, those are still easy to understand. In fact, players can easily go through the special bets. Those are available on the table itself.

Pass Line Bet

This Craps pass line bet is one of the most common techniques. Most of the wagers use it. Those are easy to place. This is one of the two major types of bets used in craps. It covers both sides of the table through a narrow bar. This makes it easily accessible to bettors. The most important thing about it is that the players can place bets on their own. Nobody has to wait for the dealer for assistance. Just look for the pass line in front of you. Place the bets in those.

House Edge

House edge is what the house charges for the service of letting the players play. So the house charges upto 1.31 percent of each bet. No matter you win or lose. It is calculated as 0.42% each roll.

Working of craps pass line bets

Pass line bet in craps is quite easy. There is a person who rolls the dice. In total two dice are involved. Both are thrown together. Now the sum of the both is the final number of the bet. So, the player bets for the number 7 or 11. If on rolling, any of those numbers came up. The player wins. On the other hand, if the rolled numbers are from 2, 3 or 12 then the player loses. There is a third part to it too. If the sum of the number we get is not from those. Then the shooter rolls the dice again. Now if you get 7 this time, you are going to lose your money.  2, 3, and 12 are crap numbers.

Do not pass bets

There is another scenario which you must know. That is “ Don’t pass” bets. As in craps pass line bets are those which are placed with the dice. Inversely don’t pass bets are those which are placed against the number obtained while rolling dice. So, you will be betting on 2,3 or 12 instead of 7 or 11. If you get 2, 3 or 12, the money you receive will be doubled. But, you will lose if after rolling you get 7 or 11. Also, on rolling the dice again. You win if you get 7 unlike craps pass line bet.

Point Number

This is one of the most interesting parts of craps pass-line bet. It is the number besides two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve. Usually, the casino employee rolls the dice. Whom we call a dealer. Now the point number can be any of the remaining numbers. Such as four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten. The dealer will mark the point number. Let’s say the point number is eight. Now, if the dealer is in the situation to roll again. He will keep rolling until he gets a seven or eight. There are multiple combinations to get a particular number. As in this case of eight, two fours or a six and two can do the trick.

If the dealer gets the seven before the point number then you lose the bet. However, if the dealer gets the point number first. You win the bet.


To cap it all, if one wants to start betting in craps pass-line betting is the easiest to learn the way. This is most effective with a winning ratio of 251:244. Players receive the winning evenly. All wagers earn 1 to 1.

Tip: Here is a tip for the readers who invested time to read this article about craps pass-line bets. The number 7 is the most possible result in rolling two dice. So,, it mostly helps you to win and gives you a fair chance to double your money.

Will be back soon with more of such informative articles.

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