An Introduction to Bitcoin/Crypto Gambling: Guide

Bitcoin is a digital currency system that has seen immense growth in the past few years. It has even become a medium for virtual payments in many organizations across the globe. Cryptocurrency has also become a vital source of transactions in the gambling market.

Bangladesh is a South Asian country where the Gambling business is increasing with globalization. There is a huge demand for Casinos. The government has increased the sources for online gambling as well by bringing in new reforms. Bangladesh currently has 3,742,571 owners of Cryptocurrency.

Best Casinos for the Crypto/ Bitcoin gambling in Bangladesh


Bettvisa is one of the most popular gambling sites in Bangladesh. The fact that it has the huge Bangladesh Taka bonus. And has great interaction. That makes it a perfect operator for Bangladeshi audiences.

The legality of the casino site is a concern for many of you. Bangladesh has strict regulations regarding online gambling. However, Betvisa has been certified 100% safe.

Mega Casino World

Mega Casino world is the top-rated Casino in Bangladesh. You can try various products of betting online in a casino. You can enjoy entertainment such as live casino games. The transactions through Bitcoin can be done, once you become a loyal customer of the Casino.


You will like this casino for its fandom. It is one of the highest-rated gambling websites in the market currently. Bengali customers will love the website for their native language. You can find many games online which are theme-based and interactive.

You can try the website which comes with a complete guide to try. Customers like you can enjoy endless gaming with unlimited offers. In case of any doubt, you can post a query. Their customer care executive will get back to you in no time. 


Jackpot is the best online casino and one-stop destination for Bitcoin gambling. You can find many services which are available on the website. An account is created in 15 seconds. The casino has created a brand identity in the market by having loyal customers of bitcoin. 


The most popular Online Sports platform in Bangladesh is Megapari. Once you register on the website you can grab the welcome bonus as well.

If you have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you can try gambling online. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your cryptocurrency as the casino has been licensed under Curacao eGaming. Your gaming platform is protected by SSL encrypted that protects your data. 

Bitcoin/ Crypto Explained

Do you know, that Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency? The virtual model of currency simply replaces money. You can purchase Bitcoin multiple times on several exchanges.  The identity of the person who created Bitcoin is still unknown. 

Cryptocurrency is a broad concept that encompasses several digital currencies such as Bitcoin. You can use cryptocurrency regardless of the country. The ledger records your transaction once you make a payment. The magic behind it is none other than coding. It also transmits the data in your wallet and ledger. 

Bitcoin/ crypto gambling basics and what kind of Bitcoin/ Crypto platforms are there

You can use bitcoin to pay for goods and services. Bitcoin is similar to the PayPal application that you use for online transactions. The account is created, and money is remitted and used in the form of bitcoin. You can keep a track of their expenditure on the digital wallet.

Some of the popular crypto platforms in Bangladesh include:

E-toro– Founded in 2007, it is one of the top-rated bitcoin platforms in Bangladesh. It offers to invest in both stocks and cryptocurrencies as well as CFD asset trading.

Binance– It is a first-rate exchange platform for seasoned customers who use it for various professional purposes. Founded in 2017, it is one of the most reliable platforms in the world.

WireX– Founded in 2014, it is a form of debit card that converts crypto into the form of point of sale. Customers can even use this platform to access various gambling websites.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin/Crypto gambling

Like every other entity, crypto has its share of pros and cons as well. Some of its pros include:


Autonomy of decentralized system

There is no involvement of the government in the Bitcoin. There are no taxes or any kind of disturbance. You completely own every single element of the Bitcoin.

Fully secure

Bitcoin data doesn’t require you to submit personal information and is secure to register and invest. The hackers can neither track the website nor identify the number of assets you own.

High privacy

You don’t need to add any personal information to the website. The customers can find their payment records in the ledger. Hackers will find it hard to track your account as it is fully protected.  

Quick to process

You can simply invest in Bitcoin in a couple of minutes. When compared to stocks and other money-related investments. With the help of bitcoin, the purchase of goods and services takes place with a quick click. The cryptocurrency has the highest speed when it comes to transferring it in casinos.

Affordable transaction fee

You have to pay a very low transaction fee. The registration is free most of the time, but for the next levels, you need to pay.  You also have to pay for site maintenance. 

Inflation doesn’t matter

Your bitcoin is not subjected to the volatile situation of the economy. The inflation doesn’t have an impact on Bitcoin since it is a cryptocurrency.

Every coin has two sides, and the same is the case with Bitcoin. It has got its share of disadvantages as well. Though these flaws have little impact on customers they are temporary. Some of the common disadvantages include:


Volatile nature of Bitcoin

You need to be aware that the price of Bitcoin changes every day. There is a huge peak season in Bitcoin and sometimes it falls to a steep low.


The process of Bitcoin is developing for years. There is no conclusion or approval from the authorities. Bitcoin needs stringent policies to develop.  

Not a frequent mode of payment

You can’t use Bitcoin to work everywhere. You can use PayPal but not Bitcoin for shopping. Only limited platforms accept Bitcoin. Though you can consider Bitcoin as a currency it is virtual and not physical money. 

Hard to trace

You will find it hard to track your payment. Since Bitcoin doesn’t trace the record. You might find it difficult to understand criminal activities and fraud in Bitcoin gambling. It is very hard to create a plan to solve this issue. 


Bitcoin has created a revolution in the market with more young entrepreneurs investing in Bitcoin. It also promotes the concept of going cashless and managing the transactions in the ledger. The value of Bitcoin is based on speculation thus minimizing the risk of investing in it. 

There is no business involved the value of Bitcoin won’t fall. With time, more and more gambling websites are promoting crypto as an important transaction mode. Thus, we can conclude that crypto is the future.

Crypto Gambling FAQs

Is bitcoin a safe mode of a transaction?

Even though bitcoin is a digital currency mode, it stores data in analog form. The analog form or the hard copy prevents your data from being stolen. Also, most of the top-rated crypto websites are highly encrypted, therefore data is not shared with anyone else

How can we use Bitcoin for Gambling?

Various gambling companies have started incorporating bitcoin as a transaction mode. You can access the funds on the same day and at any given time using bitcoin.

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