A High Volatility Slot Machine VS A Low Volatility Slot

It isn’t easy to discuss online casinos without addressing slot machines. This traditional casino game has found its way into the online world. It is far more contemporary, creative, and enjoyable than anyone could imagine.

Players have limitless options. It ranges from mobile slots to multipliers, multi-line slots, mega, and progressive slots. But, whichever form of slot machine online casino players want to play. One critical aspect impacts their decision: slot volatility.

What Does Low Volatility in Slots Mean?

Low volatility slots only pay out tiny amounts. The largest award may not be huge, but the player benefits from many minor incentives.

Low volatility games tend to appeal to casual gamers. They can move in and out of these positions several times. They can avoid large fluxes in the outcome from one session to the next. The excitement of winning lesser sums more is plenty.

High volatility slots appeal to expert slot players, particularly those with big bankrolls.

What Does High Volatility in Slots Mean?

High volatility slots pay out less than low volatility slots. These slot machines will provide large-top payouts and progressive jackpots. Unfortunately, those potential benefits come with a catch. They don’t come around very often.

Also, larger rewards are available. You will not see as many lower wins as in high volatility slots. You can play for extended periods without the hopes of triggering a bonus that results in a big payment. As a consequence, you may have two sessions in the same slot with different outcomes:

  • There was no large reward and only a few modest prizes.
  • There were no minor victories. But there was one major victory.
  • Several significant victories

High volatility slots appeal to those with a more vital gambling spirit. The excitement of hitting a huge win draws them in. They are not interested in regular, little rewards.

If you play high volatility slots. It goes to reason that you should be patient. Have enough money to activate that huge bonus feature or land that rare winning line.

But, there is no way to find slot machines’ volatility. Playing any slot machine for an extended period can reveal whether it has low volatility. Select the play for a free chance on slots to avoid risking any money while exploring your options.

How to Calculate Slot Machine Volatility

High-variance slot machines are not available to every player. Others are unmotivated by low-variance slot games as well. Learning how to estimate the volatility of slot machines is one approach to ensuring a profitable online casino experience.

Play The Game

Most online casinos will not provide the volatility of their slot machines. It is up to the players to figure it out. Unfortunately, this can take several cycles, totaling 500-1,000 spins.

Experts tell playing a free version of an online slot game. The reason for this is that. The variance of any slot machine remains constant regardless of whether the user is using the free or premium version. Furthermore, demo versions reduce the risk of using real money.

Determine The RTP Of The Game

The RTP shows how much money gamblers may expect to win. The game creator decides on this. Slot machines with higher RTP rates offer more opportunities to win, making them less volatile.

Those with lower RTPs are thought to be more volatile. Determining the volatility of online slot machines assists players in selecting the game that best suits their betting objectives.

Examine The Strength Of The Bonuses

Slot variance is increased in games with bonus features.

For example. Slot machines that provide a bonus once every 500,000 spins will almost pay out more than a slot game that features a prize every 50 or 100 spins.

Progressive slot machines, or those that allow players to contribute a part of their wagers to boost the jackpot, are more volatile.

Other aspects influence the volatility of an online slot game. Such as barriers on the reels. And the ability to withdraw money from those features. And making the game more difficult to win.


Though personal taste is crucial. The bottom line in deciding whether to play high or low-volatility slots is one’s slots bankroll. If you have extra cash. Try your luck at the higher-risk slots. But, those with a lesser bankroll who want to be delighted for longer on a smaller budget should stick to the rapid payouts of a lower-variance slot.

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