A Brief Overview Of The Paroli Betting System

In gaming, bookmakers and bettors have to make strategic betting decisions. Gamblers benefit from these systems because they predict the outcome and help them make money on their stakes. It is not uncommon for systems to predict betting outcomes, the Paroli betting system included. It stands out from the rest because of its procedures, probabilities, and assumptions. As one stakes more, the winning margin increases in Paroli. However, it does not guarantee wins, it simply increases the chances of winning.

What is the Paroli Betting System?

Positive progression is the basis of this betting model. So, this method is mainly used by gamblers. Because it targets small stakes and consistently improves their chances of winning. However, losses are also unlikely to occur. Therefore, it is recommended that a bettor doubles their stake if he or she wins a bet. In the event that the bet wins, the marginal advantage boosts earnings.

It is easy to understand the Paroli betting system. Even, the bet does not guarantee a win. But, it increases the chances of winning, especially if the stakes are increased. The Paroli betting system is often used by punters to predict the outcome of their bets. Every time a bet is successful, the stake must be increased for an even better payout. The Paroli betting system is commonly used at blackjack and roulette tables. Sportsbook betting also follows this formula, with a 50/50 probability.

History of the Paroli method

Pascal, a French mathematician, is credited with inventing the positive progression model used by the Paroli betting system. His roulette wheel, used on roulette tables to settle for a winner, is also his brainchild. In Victor Bethel’s work, traces of the Paroli blueprint appear, but others believe the approach predates him. In math history, Blaise only improved on a code that existed for over four centuries.

How to Use the Paroli Method in Sports Betting?

RULE 1 – Decide Your Base Stake/Unit

Decide on the amount you want to start the cycle with, considering the total amount set aside for betting.

RULE 2 – Double Up After a Win

For every win on the cycle, double the amount of the initial bet.

RULE 3 – Stop Raising Your Bets after 3 Consecutive Wins

After winning 3 straight bets, revert to the base stake. Probability dictates that winning a bet afterward is harder.

RULE 4 – Bet Your Base Stake After Losing

If you lose a bet, the successive stake should be the base stake.

Other Uses of The Paroli betting system

The Paroli betting system was first tested by online casinos, with roulette dominating. A stake progression system underpins casino table games in the same way. The Paroli betting system is explained below.

Paroli betting system in Roulette

Players should bet a small fraction of their total betting amount on each number on the table. His stake should double if he wins, and his stake should be retained if he loses. Depending on the outcome of the second bet, the 3rd bet is made in the same way.

Paroli betting system in Blackjack

Players who win will have their bets double base on the number of players on the table. The base amount is retained if they fail. If the bettor wins, the stake double, and if they lose, the stake is kept. The cycle remains the same even when the dealer place in the middle of the bet.

Paroli Betting System Variants

In the course of studying this system, scholars uncover more variants. The same model is approached differently. Inverting and extending the Paroli betting systems, as explained below, result in two variants.

Extended Paroli

The system emphasizes its gains over its losses as the gains outweigh the losses. You can stake any amount you wish, however. Each win doubles the stake, while every loss keeps the stake. The probability of winning reduces after three consecutive wins, so the bettor should stop betting.

Inverted Paroli

As a betting systems, Inverted Paroli resembles Martingale. You double your stake if you lose a stake to cover up the loss. It focuses more on losing than winning. The stake size do not need to increase when you win.


A simple stake amount and pattern are the only requirements for the Paroli betting system. In the case of a stake win, the stake amount is double, while in the case of a stake loss, it remains the same. A bettor who wants to try out different betting systems & strategies will find it appealing. Before staking, make sure you understand the game first, especially on sportsbook games.

A definite outcome cannot be guaranteed in betting, which is a probability game. Winning is only increased by it. Casinos always have the upper hand when it comes to gambling. If you lose, only bet with money that you have an excess of. Even so, the Paroli betting system makes winning more likely and improves winning rates with each successive wager.

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