3 Cash Game Spots To Use Tiny Bet Size

Casinos are places where everyone goes for entertainment, enjoyment, for earning some cash, and for trying luck. It is a place that has made many people a millionaire overnight and has also made many millionaires insolvent overnight.

Usually, people think that if we bet more in casino games we can earn more money. This thinking is partially true but not absolutely. It is partially true. Because to bet more in a casino game you must have very good knowledge about that particular game. If you know and you bet the probability of winning is more.

And why this thinking is not true. Because if you don’t have enough knowledge about a particular casino game then, and if you bet more money in that game your probability of winning is very less.

Many young people who have just started to play casino games go “all in” which means, they bet everything they have. And this is very wrong you can’t go “all in” unless and until you have full knowledge about that particular casino game.

When you have just started, you should always start with a tiny bet size. This will help you to save your money and will also help you from becoming insolvent. Panning the correct amount of bets to make in a casino game is very much important.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to bet in a casino game without any knowledge about the game. This article would be helpful for you. We will be discussing three spots. That you can use it by betting a tiny size bet in a casino game.

So before starting the topic on what spots you can use for tiny bet sizes in cash games you will have these topics clear.

What are cash games?

There are many definitions of a cash game. But a simple definition of a cash game is that. Cash games are games that are played with real chips inside a physical or real casino. The main feature of a cash game is that you can buy in and leave whenever you want. Cash games are also called poker games, ring games, or live-action games.

What are tiny bets in cash games?

Tiny bets are nothing but smaller bets when compared with the bets in the first betting round. The simple meaning of tiny bets is when a person bets more in his/her first round. And lose the round from the second round he/she bets half the amount of money/chips which he or she betted in the first round.

So now that you know about cash games and what are tiny bets, let’s move on to the topic on which this article is based.

Which 3-spots you can use to place tiny bets in a cash game

Spot 1: 4-Bet Pots

Also known as “on ace-high flops” offers a low SPR (stack-to-pot-ratio) and is also unique from other poker situations. The nominal bet size of 4-bet pots is approximately around 24 to 34% of the pot.

A 4-bet range includes high cards like kings, queens, jacks, and aces. Due to this, you will have an upper hand over your opponent. But at the same time, the 4-bet range comes with a downside which is you will not have many bluffing cards in your hand. Altogether this means you cannot bet big amounts because you don’t have enough bluff cards to protect your back.

But if you did bet big amounts you will give an upper hand to your opponents by letting them fold you even with decent cards.

Spot 2: 3-Bet Pots

3-bet pots are similar to the 4-bet pots mentioned earlier. The reason to use 3-bet pots is that. They give a low stack-to-pot ratio and also provide a heavy range value.

The only difference between 4-bet pots and 3-bet pots is about bluffs where in 4-bet pots a player is not given more room for bluffs in 3-bet pots a player can play bluffs. And because of this 3-bet pot give an aggressive approach to the game.

Spot 3: Donk-betting

Donk-betting is usually used by inexperienced players. But in certain cases dunk betting might be quite useful. It is useful in situations where the card that is drawn on the board is favorable for you. Dunk betting can be useful in this scenario where you are running for the flop and the card drawn on the board comes for example ace high in this case, you can use donk bet because you are the one who needs all the aces.


So if you are an experienced or an inexperienced cash game player using your bets properly is always good and useful. And even if you are inexperienced or the kind of person who doesn’t know much about poker. You can use the 3 spots given above to place tiny bets in the cash game. Because as said tiny bet size are nice when you are losing or when your luck is not on your side. But still you want to keep going but at the same time you want to play safe.

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