2022’s Best Online Roulette Strategies That Will Work

In the game of roulette, as with every other type of gambling, there will inevitably be winners and losers. The winning players are those who follow a certain strategy. That can help them increase their chances of being in the majority.

Due to the increasing prevalence of digital casinos, there is an increase in variety among roulette games. It is not easy for beginners to keep up with the plethora of available choices. 

Because they do not first understand how roulette works. Even if players know how to play. They would not know exactly how each game plays out under different circumstances. And to overcome this you must know some best roulette strategies in the first place.

This article will discuss and explain the best roulette strategy that one can keep in mind. Following a strategy allows people to win more.

What Are Exactly Roulette Strategies

Best roulette strategies are some good ways of winning using consistent methods. Many roulette players and mathematicians use their own way of playing. Not always you will win, but the chances of winning are quite high. 

However, a good strategy does not guarantee a win. Yet, a strategy will get you in a better position of winning. So here in this article, we will share with you some of the best roulette strategies.

What Are Different Roulette Strategies

All the strategies that we use in roulette are for long-term gambling. Many new players use various betting styles and lose a lot of money initially. So if you use all your money in the initial phase. Then you will have nothing for the future. And you cannot recover any of your losses. 

After all, roulette does not want you to win all the money. Therefore, there are more losers in gambling than winners. If you are ready to wait and play smartly then you will be on the winning side. 

To win in the long term you must know about two categories. The first is the progressive roulette strategy and the second is the non-progressive roulette strategy. So without any ado, let u know about these best roulette strategies.

Progressive Roulette Strategies

The new players of the game use the progressive roulette strategy. It is very easy to understand, and you can implement it right away. Here are a few popular strategies:


Fibonacci is to add your bets progressively. So if you have 2000 bucks you place 1 buck initially. For the second you again place 1. Now you add the first and the second bet. So you place 2 bucks for the third bet. Now you will place 3 then 5, then 8. Basically, the sum of your previous two bets is your next bet. Accordingly, your bets will look like this:

1,1,2,3,5,8,…, and so on.


The progressive way means to increase your bets eventually. In martingale, you increase your bet after every loss. But, you should not change the bet, only the amount gets 2x. So if you have 5000 bucks, and you start with 1. Then you will make it 2, after the 3rd loss, it will be 4, then 8, 16, and so on. 

You won’t lose a streak of 15 bets in a row. So even if you win one bet, you have your winning amount as well as the amount you have lost so far. Accordingly, your bets will look like this:

1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,…1024. You have to stop after that depending on your wallet balance.

Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy

The non-progressive strategy is betting firmly. Here you will not increase your amount or decrease it. But you will place in diversity. 

Betting in diversity is not bet on all evens or odds or mix. But you bet on numbers in the set. Your highest bet, say 15 bucks will go for numbers between 19 and 36. The second-highest bet will be between 13 and 18 and one buck bet on 0.

As you can see this is a high-risk high-reward strategy. So it is better to have some luck to back this skill. 

Another interesting fact about non-progressive strategy is its name. The name of this strategy is James Bond. It has nothing to do with numbers 0,0 and 7. The name is for Ian Fleming, who is the father of the James Bond Franchise and also the inventor of this strategy.

Final Words

Roulette is an exciting game that can be your way to wealth. If you know the best roulette strategies will make things easy.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first. With careful attention and patience, you will be able to find a perfect strategy. That strategy will appeal more on a personal level and with results that speak for themselves. Hope you are now able to play roulette with some serious strategies.

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